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Ali Doucette, founder & designer

Ever since a young age, Ali has always enjoyed a hands-on approach to creativity. A much loved career path has led her from large agencies to small branding studios as a graphic designer, but even still, the desire to be crafting still persisted. To fulfill this need, Ali decided to step away from the computer in her free time and begin trying out some more hands-on arts. After a little trial and error, she found just the right fit through a mix of macramé and traditional dip pen and ink illustration. Mixing in frequent hikes with her fiancé, a dedication to less wasteful living, and a healthy dose of the Food Network, the balance now feels just right.

Originally from Downingtown, Pa., Ali has spent the last 10 years living in Philadelphia, Pa.


Scott Reasoner, co-founder

Though Scott may not be the one tying knots, his voice of reason and ever-present support can be felt in every creation. His love for adventure and the outdoors provides a perfect match for finding inspiration and recharging creativity. When not outdoors, Scott can be found reading in the lounge chair or cheering on Philly sports.

Originally from Northern New Jersey, he also has been a Philadelphia resident for the past 10 years.